May 16, 2020

All Singers

All Singers: online contest for young novice singers! Competition that is divided into several stages where singers compete with each other with songs!

What you can do

  • Web development: creation web site where all songs will be published
  • Social communication strategy: creation of editorial calendar, preparation of images, text and hashtags for posts
  • Copy writing: write articles about Erasmus, the first work approach, the life of the students who work with us, their activities
  • Automatic marketing mechanisms: emails, scheduled posts on social networks, remarketing
  • Video maker and graphic designer for video and image editing

Book your Interview

Before starting all the necessary practices for your internship, you need to speak to understand what are:

  • your needs
  • what do you want to learn
  • what we can do together
  • when you can start your internship