Bhagyashree Gawas (EMP)

Bhagyashree Gawas is from India. She studied MSc Project Management at the ESC Clermont Business School, Clermont-Ferrand, France. She decided to do her end of studies internship with Extramus as a European Project Manager. Extramus have give the opportunity to work on a real-time project wherein Bhagyashree can apply her theoretical knowledge and also challenge Read more about Bhagyashree Gawas (EMP)[…]

Ayşe Kocakaya

His name is Ayşe Kocakaya. She’s 22 years old and is from Turkey and she also lives in Turkey. Is graduated from Political Sciences and Public Administration in Sakarya University. Currently she is at Terranova da Sibari, doing her internship as an Human Resources Assistant. She does database management, contact with applicants and references and Read more about Ayşe Kocakaya[…]

The 6 common interview questions and how to answer them correctly

There is no possible way to anticipate all questions which a recruiter may ask you during an interview but some of them may appear as expected and these answers can be prepared  in advance.  To convince the recruiter that you are the most suitable person for the position, you must justify your answers well. When you Read more about The 6 common interview questions and how to answer them correctly[…]

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