June 18, 2020

How to reach us!

Welcome to Italy! You have only one step left: to come here!

So how can you get here? I am here to help you. Let’s look our options that are shortest or suitable for you!


Welcome pack for Extra Erasmus Experience!

Surely you will have many questions!
Read carefully the “Welcome pack for Extra Erasmus Experience” to better prepare yourself for this new international experience!


It is better to arrange your flight taking into consideration public transportation (bus and train), we suggest to come some days before in order to have time for organize stuff.

Before buy your tickest advise us for our confirmation

  • Contact person: Antonio Gallo
  • Mobile and whatsapp: +39 338 885 1460
  • Email: a.gallo@extramus.eu

When you get off Bivio Cantinella, one of our member will be waiting for you with a great smile!
We will pick you up to Terranova Da Sibari in about 10 minutes and leave you to your accommodation to start your International Experience!