5 things to do during your Erasmus

Erasmus is an incredible opportunity to experience something new, meet people and learn more about yourself. Already got your plane ticket, packed your luggage and ready for the adventure of a lifetime? You may have heard a thousand stories about Erasmus from friends, classmates and family, now we give some advice for your future Erasmus trip. One thing is for sure: Moving abroad for months to a completely new country is a big deal and an adventure of a lifetime. In this article, we summarise the things that you should definitely do, if you go on an Erasmus trip.

1. Make new friends

The first and most important thing on your Erasmus trip is to make new friends! We know it is sometimes difficult, especially at the beginning. But don’t worry, it will work out and you will find people you will love spending time with. After all, you are not going to Erasmus to sit alone in your room, but to experience the world and making memories, and people are essential for that. There are people who go on Erasmus and only spend time with people from their countries, not speaking foreign languages or discovering new cultures and ways of living. That is a big mistake! Meet other people and be open to everyone! Perhaps you find your new best friend or maybe you will fall in love, you never know. 

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2. Travel out the city

This is perhaps the main reason why people go on Erasmus. You might not always like to go out in your own environment at home, but when you start studying or working in a new country, you won’t be able to stay in one place. You will feel more energetic and ready for action, so you will want to explore all the time. If your wallet allows, go to new places, explore as much as you can. Plan your weekends ahead, discuss with friends where you should visit. If you travel together, the costs may be cheaper and you may even become closer friends because you will live through many things together, laugh and discover new things. 

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3. Take part in the community programmes 

You may have already stepped out of your comfort zone by moving to another country, but it’s not the time to stop. To make the experience complete, try things you might not normally do. Try a little bit of everything and expand your knowledge. Go out partying, go for a drink, dance, go to karaoke, shopping or hiking. So you will experiment with different things and you will do more varied plans so that at the end you will be more fulfilled.

You will probably have plenty of opportunities, as there are always activities organised on university campuses and in places of internships, and students often get a discount. Just be open and take your chances!

4. Focus on study or work

It is true that Erasmus is a lot of fun and entertainment, but you shouldn’t lose sight of your professional development, because you’re there to learn, to grow, to experience. Don’t neglect your studies or your work! Make the most of the classes/work hours and try to learn everything possible. It is not that hard to combine parties, traveling and studying/working during your Erasmus experience.

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5. Do not be afraid to spend money

We know your options are limited and you don’t have to spend all your money on your trip. But it’s worth remembering that you may only get this opportunity a few times in your life. If you get the chance to try something and experience it, don’t say no, take the plunge. 

It doesn’t mean that you should spend irresponsibly. Always have some savings as an ‘emergency money’. But do not feel bad about spending those 10 Euros for the local specialities. You will regret more not trying it than you will regret spending that money. Try to manage your money wisely and prioritise!

A very important factor in your Erasmus journey is to live fully in the present moment, don’t hide behind your phone and don’t overthink things. Make sure that when you finish your time in your host country you can say that you made the most of it and that you haven’t missed out on anything. 

Enjoy your Erasmus to the fullest!

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