5 Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview

Virtual Interview Hacks : 10 Tips to Ace the Race! | by Subhashree Mohanta | Skillenza | MediumMany employers use virtual interviews with leading applicants. It helps employers save time, money in hiring suitable applicants for the jobs with just the click of a button, while also reducing travel costs. The use of virtual interviews has also become quite necessary in recent times as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, where traditional (face-to-face) interviews are unfeasible.


Thus, the hiring manager has scheduled a virtual interview, it’s your first one, and you find it rather daunting. Don’t sweat it. Here are 5 virtual interview tips to ease your stress and help you land that job or internship.

  • Join on Time: Arrive early, just as you would for an on-site interview
  • Test Your Set-Up: Your interview may take place via Google Meeting, Google Hangout, or some other medium that your recruiter would tell you about. Check your technology to guarantee that you have been set up successfully. Test your internet connection and ensure that your camera and microphone are working. If your computer webcam or microphone produces low-quality output, you should consider getting an external webcam or microphone
  • Set the Scene: Find a space with optimum lighting near a window with a white wall ideally. Keep the light in front of you to ensure that you remain visible throughout the interview. Before you start the virtual interview, please make sure that the room is tidy as this will give the recruiter a positive impression concerning your organization. 
  • Practice Answers to Common Interview Questions: It is a smart idea to practice common interview questions with a friend or family member for a few rounds. This will help you answer a larger variety of questions. There’s no way to predict exactly what the interviewer will ask, but some standard questions for interviews include; “Tell me about yourself?” “What are your weaknesses?” “Why should we hire you?” “Describe a challenge you dealt with at work, and how you handled it.” Be sure to do more research and practice, practice, practice. 

Keeping things simple is key. If the question does not warrant, don’t give lengthy responses. One of the most important things in a job interview is to be straightforward and articulate.

  • The “Follow-Up”: Send an individual thank-you email to everyone you met, within 24 hours of the interview. This proves that you respect their time, and it allows you the opportunity to revisit points you might want to elaborate on.
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