A short trip in Calabria

My Calabria is beautiful

As everyone knows around the world, each region of Italy has its own beauty. Now in this article I will mention to you about the beauties of the Calabria Region. The region of Calabria, the toe of the Italian boot, which refers to Southern Italy.

It borders Basilicata from the north and the south of the Calabria region is separated from Sicily by the Messina region. It is surrounded by the Ionian sea from the east and the Tyrrhenian sea from the West. The capital of this region is a small city known as Catanzaro. Since the mountains meet the sea in this region, it is quite usual to see varieties and beautiful landscapes.  Now I will tell you about several small resorts of Calabria, which I visited.


It is one of the most popular points of the region. Also, It is possible and quite easy to get to Tropea by train. This small resort town, which is generally famous for its beaches and beautiful seashores, also fascinates people with its vivid streets and historical texture. 

Piazza Ercole, is known as the point at the heart of the city and is the center of attraction for tourists. It attracts attention with cafes and restaurants. There is a restaurant called La Novità. You can have a breakfast such as croissants and cappuccino in that place, it was really delicious. Additionally it is very pleasant to walk along the narrow historical and romantic streets that lead to the square. Tropea has many beaches, all of them are favorable, but for me the most beautiful is Rotonda Beach. The beauty of the beach and the clear blue water officially invite you to have a swim in the sea. So much so that I can say that even just watching the view of the beach is peaceful and pleasant. There is the Santuario di Santa Maria dell’isola di Tropea Church on the big cliff right next to the beach, on the other hand, while swimming or sunbathing, the beautiful view of the church accompanies you. Also, the road where Rotonda Beach is located is very reminiscent of Amalfi, where everyone passes by in their car and takes pictures. Tropea is a place where you can walk the streets with pleasure with ice cream in your hand and have a nice holiday by swimming and sunbathing on its beaches. If you like to spend time in small places, this is the place for you! 


Our second route is Pizzo, another small town, which is also close to Tropea. 

Pizzo is a small resort town, just like Tropea. In Piazza Via Marcello Salomone and Vicoli Pizzo, which we can call the heart of Pizzo, The Via Marcello Salomone is a lively street full of cafes and restaurants. In one of these cafes, do not forget to eat Tartufo, Aças it is known, Tartufo is an ice cream dessert that belongs to Pizzo, if you would like to taste something cold and sweet, don’t miss it!

Also you can visit the castle of Castello Murat, from where the castle is located, you can get an excellent view of pizzo, especially at sunset. Then, of course, don’t forget to sunbathe and swim on the beautiful beaches of Pizzo ! There is also a church close to Vicoli di Pizzo, I suggest you to see the church of Chiesea di saint Marie, with its fascinating architecture and historical ambience.

Pizzo is also very beautiful at night, you can take a walk in the evening on the big street of Pizzo, which is close to the beach. While walking along this lively and sparkling street, don’t forget to eat peanut ice cream!

Cosenza and Norman Castle

And now I want to get out of these small communes and talk about the city of Cosenza, located in the Calabria region, and what we have done when we visited the city. Cosenza is a city divided into two parts. It consists of two parts, the old city and the new city. The old part really has a historical past. It is worth visiting with its buildings, churches and streets. Me and my friends decided to meet for a drink in this old part, in a cafe. While we were drinking our coffee, we met a journalist named Armando. Armando helps the tourists he meets to explore the city of Cosenza. And he told us that we could visit the Norman Castle in Cosenza together. Norman Castle (stilo castle) This castle is the 11th.century I of Sicily. It is a castle built by Roger in the Norman period. The view of the castle is really amazing, from this castle you can see both the new part of the city and the old part at the same time and you can watch the view of the city. On one side of the castle, fashion shows are held for fashion week, and also concerts and entertainments are held in the castle’s garden on some special nights. Cosenza, like Istanbul, is a city with seven hills, this view is well visible from the castle.

Castle of fredico

The next stop I will tell you about is a castle overlooking the sea, close to the commune of Sibari, which is also located in Cosenza. I would say that this castle is similar to the castles in fairy tales. Its name is Castello Federico, located right next to the sea, firmly perched on the cliff, the history of the castle, it dates back to the XVIII century. 

From the top of the castle, it is very peaceful to watch the blue of the sea and listen to the sound of the waves. You should definitely visit this castle. There is also a restaurant under the castle. Enjoy the view while sipping your Cappuccino at this elegant restaurant! It is impossible to not feel like you are in a fairy tale when you visit the castle. As you know this is just our story and experience about voyage, you can discover more! Just take the road!

Author: Hazal

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