A Transformative Journey in Craiova!

A delegation of 4 for ExtramusAPS embraced Diversity and Inclusion on a training course in Romania last November and they are telling you more about their experience.

In the span of seven enriching days in Craiova, Romania, our team experienced profound growth—a growth that transcended professional and cultural boundaries. Our participation in the “NEW CHALLENGES IN INCLUSION APPROACH” project went beyond a typical workshop, providing a platform to actively engage with critical themes such as inclusion, various forms of discrimination, and the collective social responsibility we should all aspire to achieve.

A pivotal aspect of our experience was the exchange of ideas with participants from all corners of Europe and beyond. This unique opportunity allowed us to delve into the diverse perspectives and lifestyles of individuals residing thousands of kilometers away. Listening to their experiences within their respective countries opened up a “new world” that had previously eluded our understanding.

We had the pleasure of connecting with people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Despite geographical and cultural differences, the realization dawned that our shared ultimate goal is universal: creating a world where integration and inclusion are paramount, irrespective of gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, or politics. The conviction that everyone should enjoy equal rights emerged as a powerful tool in combating the pervasive impact of discrimination, known to have a devastating toll on mental health and everyday life.

Beyond the thematic discussions, the most beautiful aspect of this experience was the genuine connections forged with people from diverse backgrounds. The desire to maintain these connections underscores the profound impact of dialogue and the forging of new friendships on our hearts and minds.

With this experience etched in our minds, we passionately advocate for young and not anymore young individuals to embark on journeys, explore new places, and remain receptive to absorbing the richness of other cultures. Through these actions, we not only enrich ourselves but also extend a helping hand to those facing difficulties. As the italian saying goes, “UNITY IS STRENGTH.”

In expressing our gratitude, we extend heartfelt thanks to Antonio Gallo, CEO of “Extramus,” and Valentina Costi, VET Coordinator, for providing this transformative opportunity and unwavering support throughout the seven days. Our appreciation also extends to the association ANDCTR (Asociatia Nationala de Dezvoltare Continua a Tineretului din Romania) for their warm hospitality and the substantive content of the training. We fervently hope that this marks only the beginning of a collaborative journey towards a more inclusive world.

A link that can be shared on the final ceremony of the training course : http://www.yn-di.org/news/youthpass-certificates-handing-ceremony-new-challenges-in-inclusion-approach/

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