May 16, 2020

All Singers

All Singers is an online contest for young novice singers. The competition is divided into several stages where singers compete with each other with songs.

Our interns have already finished this project but if you are still interested in, here are what they did during that process:

ICT: Web developers created a website where all songs will be published.

Digital Marketing: Social media managers created the editorial calendar, and they prepared images, texts, and hashtags for posts. Graphic designers and video makers created and edited videos for the project. Email marketing, posts scheduling for social networks, and writing articles about the project were also other duties of digital marketing interns.

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If you are interested in this project, do not hesitate any longer but before in order to understand your needs a little better, and in order to satisfy them to the fullest. Wee need of you to think about the followings.

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