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If you’re using a website or social media platforms for your brand or service, you should have heard the “Content is king” quote. When it comes to creating content, sometimes it can be challenging. However, there are plenty of Content Creation Tools that can help you to create the best content for your audiences. Here are some of the best Content Creation Tools that we recommend at Extramus to provide you limitless opportunities for designing:

Breakout Clips

Breakout Clips is a video ad editing platform that offers you various creative templates. You can grow your audience, increase engagement, launch a product or service, advertise a new deal or a new item by using 100% customizable Breakout Clips videos.

It takes less than one minute to create videos for social media, paid ads, stories, email marketing, chatbots, influencer marketing, eCommerce, and websites.

You don’t even have to have video editing skills to create game-changer videos.

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Interactive content adds value to your work and helps you to improve the quality. Outgrow helps you to create these kinds of content by adding quizzes, chatbots, polls, forms/surveys, calculators, and assessments. 

With the help of interactive content, having much more information about your audiences becomes easier. They allow you to learn their industry, outcome, budget beyond their names and email addresses. 

This information will help you to categorize your audiences and create a strategy. In the end, engagement and conversion increase, and new traffic is bridged into the website.

Hemingway Editor

If you want to self-edit your writing and make it stronger and more effective, then Hemingway Editor is very suitable for you. 

It analyzes your words and sentences while considering five elements, such as the number of adverbs, instances of passive voice, words or phrases with simpler alternatives, sentences that are hard or very hard to read. After the analysis, it points out the areas that you need to change for improving the readability.

Writing blog posts, essays, and academic papers become very easy with Hemingway Editor because its interface is so simple. Another good news is that you don’t need to pay to use it, it’s completely free!

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Digital storytelling is one of the most effective ways to improve the reading experience and increase engagement. Therefore, companies hire web developers to create storytelling videos by using codes. However, everybody can start to create “no code required” stories for the web after Shorthand.

You can easily create custom themes for your stories with brand fonts, colors, and logos. Making collaboration with your teams to control the stories is also another reason to use Shorthand.

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If you need a platform to Control the exchange of files between the different actors of the company, Bynder is designed to answer your needs. 

Creating content in minutes while sticking to your design principles and digital home for brand guidelines is possible with this platform. Also, it measures the data of your content to help you create an effective strategy for the brand and make data-driven choices.


Squibler is an online writing tool that you can draft, edit and make perfect your writing. You can use it for writing a book, a screenplay, or just for free writing.

Organizing the writing without too much effort by using features such as Split Screen, Corkboard Outline and Story Elements is possible on the platform. Also, you can invite your team to read your work and make comments on them. 

If you are hesitating about the safety of your work, there is no need to. Because Squibler syncs your work with Google Drive, Dropbox, and your desktop.

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Contently is a very comprehensive platform that combines expert content strategy, global talent network, and enterprise content marketing platform for content success.

It allows you to assign stories to contributors then create, edit, and share your editorial calendar. You can also assign each contributor a task and editors from world’s best magazines and newspapers who work on Contently will edit, make comments on their assignment. 

After everything is done, you can publish your work on your website by one click and track how much your organic traffic is worth to your brand.

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Do you think you need an easy-to-use platform for video editing? Kapwing allows you to do everything on your clips such as editing and combining them, adding subtitles and creative effects, and so on. Besides video editing, you can also make memes, gifs, and PNGs. 

The platform completely runs on your browser and your work automatically saves to the cloud, so you don’t have to download anything.

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Making podcasts is becoming very popular nowadays and if you have a plan about making a podcasts, you can use Anchor. It is a free podcast-making app by Spotify.

You can easily create and distribute your podcast to the most popular listening apps. The platform also gives you the analytics to help you grow your audience. If you unlock sponsorship or set up a subscription, you can also earn money from your podcasts.

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So here you have it, our selection of Content Creation Tools for all your needs. If you found this article interesting don’t hesitate to read the other posts in our blog

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