Extramus-My Best Decision

It all started with fear: fear of missing out on experiences, fear of growing up without accomplishing anything, fear of not trying. But there was also the fear of doing something out of my comfort zone, the fear of trying and failing however, the fear of a bad decision. 

The fear of what could happen and what could not.

Yes, fear in its aspect of a feeling may not always be pleasant, but fear in its form of an expression can be very stimulating when it comes to provoking a reaction out of a person. Motivational, even. 

Firstly I want to introduce Extramus;

Extramus, a forward-thinking organization committed to empowering students, has established a dynamic platform that seamlessly integrates the Erasmus programme, EU summer internships, IT internships, European internships, and student jobs into one comprehensive ecosystem.

Through Extramus, students can explore exciting Erasmus opportunities, broadening their horizons by studying abroad, while also accessing EU summer internships that provide a deep understanding of European policymaking. 

 For those with a passion for technology, IT internships offer hands-on experience in cutting-edge projects. Extramus ensures that students are not only equipped with academic knowledge but also practical skills that can be applied in their future careers, whether it’s through a European internship or a part-time student job. Extramus is the bridge connecting students to their aspirations in a globalized world.

After interview with human resources department I learned I got accepted from Extramus.

It triggered something on a very deep level, and at the same time on a very primary one. It pushed me to make a decision, to choose between my ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ instinct. 

And so, I fought. 

Now I am finally here in Italy, I can only be grateful for my decision


And not even half my time spent here has passed but I’m sure that I go to sleep every night thinking I already want to come back. To the exact same city. Living in the exact same apartment. Petting the exact same stray dog. Reuniting with the exact same people. 

Reliving everything, every single little detail.

When the car I was traveling in finally came near enough to Terranova for me to see the colorful houses and warm sunset that was covering everything nearby, I knew. I knew that I could never possibly get bored while I was staring at those colors, I knew I could never possibly not wish to get lost in those tiny, sweet streets and I knew I could most certainly never wish to leave Italy and all that it had to offer me.

And it felt so bizarre that so much emotion and excitement could be hiding in a place so far away from everything else, that it almost seemed like a fairytale. 

And giving just a few pictures trying to describe my feelings is so weird to me, as if they can summarize all that I had felt while being here. Because I know this is a journey you may look at many pictures of, but you can really feel them only when you have experienced this yourself.

I am writing this in sincere hope that it might eventually spark a feeling in every single reader’s heart. And who knows, maybe even trigger this special ‘flight’ or ‘fight’ instinct that made me travel so many kilometers, to a place I now call ‘home’…

Thank you, CEO of Extramus and Terranova, for welcoming me into your big, big heart, where I found peace and friends, and those sweet memories that I shall never forget. 

And finally, I want to thank myself for having the courage to say ‘yes’ when it was so much easier to say ‘no’.

My best, best decision ever.

Aleksandra Atanasova

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