Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships: what is it and how to apply

About the Erasmus Plus Program

Studying abroad is a key part of the Erasmus+ Mobility program, it has been shown to increase future career prospects. It’s also a chance to improve your language skills, gain confidence and independence, learn about another culture. Erasmus+ can assist you in gaining useful job experience by funding traineeships (work placements, internships, and so on) in other countries.

People who are presently enrolled in school or who have recently graduated are eligible for these possibilities. Traineeships can be carried out in any relevant organization. Erasmus + opportunities

What is Erasmus +

Erasmus program is all about broadening one’s horizons, different cultural experiences as well as learning foreign languages. If you like to make international friends this is the best platform that’s exactly what this initiative is for.

The history

The name of the curriculum is derived from the name of a prominent Renaissance scholar- Erasmus of Rotterdam. He embodies the ideal student, one who would be able to study at a variety of academies and colleges. Such practice was actually pretty prevalent during his time. However, why has Erasmus been chosen as a patron for the concept of youth exchange and study programs? It’s because everyone knows who the scientist is. Aside from that, he’s a fantastic role model, demonstrating that travel does widen the mind.

Erasmus+ Mobility for?

  • Students

Many people and organizations are eligible for Erasmus+, while eligibility varies from one activity to the next and from one nation to the next. The countries that are eligible to participate are separated into two groups: Countries participating in the Erasmus+ program can fully participate in all of the program’s activities.

Partner countries can participate in certain of the program’s activities if they meet certain conditions.

There are various options for companies and individuals under the Erasmus+ initiative. However, the preparation and application process may differ depending on which component of the program you wish to apply for.


Your training in another country can last anything from two to twelve months. You can participate in an Erasmus+ exchange as a student or a trainee numerous times, but your total time abroad (study abroad periods included) cannot exceed 12 months in one cycle of study.

Conditions for your Erasmus+ Mobility

This opportunity is offered to students enrolled in a higher education institution that is part of the Erasmus+ Higher Education Charter.

Your traineeship should be relevant to your degree-related learning and personal development goals, and it should be integrated into your study program whenever possible.

You can do a traineeship at any organization in a country participating in the Erasmus+ Programme.


Before going overseas for a traineeship:

To provide a clear and efficient preparation for the exchange abroad, you, your higher education institution, and the receiving organization must sign a Learning Agreement for Traineeships.

This contract outlines the various parties’ rights and duties, as well as a complete traineeship program, insurance information, and how your traineeship will be recognized upon completion.

After the end of your Erasmus+ Mobility:

The Erasmus+ Student Charter will be sent to you, outlining your rights and responsibilities during your traineeship abroad.

Within five weeks following satisfactory completion of the traineeship, the receiving organization/enterprise should provide you and your higher education institution a Traineeship Certificate.

Your higher education school must recognize your traineeship abroad based on the learning agreement’s promises and without any additional criteria.

Unless you are a recent graduate, the information contained in the Traineeship Certificate should also be included in the Diploma Supplement if your higher education institution is in a Programme nation. In this case, it is recommended to record the traineeship in the trainee’s Europass Mobility Document.

Financial Assistance for your Erasmus+ Mobility

You may be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant to help with travel and living expenses, and traineeships may be eligible for additional assistance. It may fluctuate depending on differences in living costs between your country and the destination country, the number of students who apply for a scholarship, the distance between countries, and the availability of additional awards.

Check with your National Agency and your sending higher education institution for appropriate charges if you are traveling between Programme countries. There is also additional help for students from low-income families or students from countries or regions outside of the Programme.

The Erasmus+ Programme Guide publishes grant amounts and fixed rates for exchanges between Programme and Partner countries.

How to apply

You can apply through the international or Erasmus+ Mobility office of your higher education institution.

Your sending higher education institution will select you in a fair and transparent way.

 The Vison of Extramus to build international and professional mindset exploring Italian and global culture within the Erasmus context.

The aim of Extramus is to:

  • Enrich all the trainees with learning culture and training so that can prepare them for a better tomorrow.
  • Creating a community of like minds in Europe through Extramus.
  • Enhance the lives of our trainees through learning experiences.
  • Ensure flexibility and power to create and share ideas and information, which will develop their learning experience.

For more information related to Erasmus plus traineeship, please check our website 

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