September 24, 2021

European Projects

These projects are provided and funded by the European Commission within the framework of Erasmus. The aim of these projects are to support education, training of youth people, and sports in Europe. 

These projects are oriented around three components:

KA1 (Key Action 1): Mobility of individuals for learning

KA2 (Key Action 2): Cooperation between organizations, based on projects aiming to apply for these funds

KA3 (Key Action 3): Aid in policy development and collaboration

What are the curent tasks and what you can do ?

These projects are reserved for our European Project Management trainees. 

We already created an article to explain the details about this internship and their daily work routine. If you are willing to learn what they are doing, you can find the related link below:

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If you are interested in this project, do not hesitate any longer but before in order to understand your needs a little better, and in order to satisfy them to the fullest. Wee need of you to think about the followings.

  • Do you have any special needs ?
  • What do you want to learn ?
  • Have you already chosen in which field do you want to work ?
  • On what date do you wish to start your internship?
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