November 3, 2020

General rules in the office


From Monday to Friday: From 8.30 am. – 11.00 am. (10 minute break) until 11.10 am. – 13:30pm.
Tuesday and Thursday: From 15:00 to 17:00


1. Remember that you are in a shared workspace and not in the bar.
2. Greet when you enter and when you leave the office.
3. Respect:

● Punctuality on working hours to avoid disturbing colleagues
●Silence of work environments: lower the phone ringtone, avoid music and festive greetings and move to another environment for phone calls / skype.

4. The common spaces must always be left in order:

● Cleaning desktop: if it gets dirty it will be cleaned.
● Keep the desk tidy: place pens, pencils, paper, after use, leaving the workplace free.
● Don’t eat on your desk, please move out of room
● Be careful with putting liquids (water, tea, coffee, fruit juice) on the desk for a safety issue.

5. Pay attention to the trash cans by placing the materials in the corresponding bin.
6. Avoid gossip among colleagues and supervisor, even outside the workplace.
7. Dress appropriately for the workplace: avoid Flip-Flops, sleeveless shirt, etc.
8. Avoid downloading videos, movies and music at work to avoid compromising network performance.
9. Don’t abuse social networks and instant messaging during working hours.


When a student want’s to take a day off: The student must inform Antonio Gallo via email a week prior the day of absence. In addition, student must provide a valid reason why they need a day off.

Covering the absent time: The hours which are missing due to absence will be covered near
the end of the students internship.


The intern will immediately notify the other parties and provide evidence of absence (e.g. medical certificate) that will be sent to the Student Administration Office of the university college as soon as possible, in accordance with the regulations of the internship or course guide. The certificate will then be added to the internship file.


● According to Government restrictions about Corona Virus (COVID-19) employees must wear a mask in the office during the work time.
● A mask must be worn indoors
● It’s forbidden to make a party in the apartment with MORE than 6 people.


Once a week we try to manage a workshop about various trending topics by our workmates. Workshop should be a small presentation with a maximum 15 minutes speech. You can choose any topic according to your skills which can improve your workmates knowledge about chosen topic. You should inform HR department about your workshop and get an exact date for presentation.

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