About us

Extramus is an Italian non-profit organization for international mobility, specialized in providing Erasmus+ trainership programs for higher education students. Besides real job experience, we offer you cultural activities, occasional excursions, and free language courses. Our aim is to provide our trainees a multinational Erasmus Experience.

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How do you grow at Extramus?

It does not matter if you prefer Marketing, Law or ICT, Extramus offers working positions in six different disciplines including Digital, Project Management, IT and many more. Choose what suits you best for your future Endeavors.


Improve your skills

Extramus encourages students to learn and improve their skills. Take your English to another level. With students from other countries you will get to know different cultures and improve your English. Come and enjoy and improve your skills with us.

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Reach us if you have any query about Extramus!




+39 338 885 1460


Terranova da Sibari, Corso Margherita n. 168, 87010

Life at Extramus and Terranova

Extramus is located in Terranova da Sibari, a small town in the province of Calabria in Southern Italy. Terranova is located on a hill between the river Crati and the last stretches of the Sila Mountains, at some 20 Kilometers from the Ionian Sea.

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