KA201 Strategic Partnerships for school education

The Covid-19 pandemic affects all countries in the world without distinction, its economic and social consequences depend very largely on income, pre-existing levels of vulnerability and individual criteria such as gender or age. Like the climate crisis, it accentuates social inequalities. To face these two global challenges, it is today essential to work together to find solutions that are commensurate with the needs and threats facing future generations.

When employed at the service of people, innovation has the power to meet the social needs of today and tomorrow effectively and sustainably. By imagining new socio-economic models, using technology differently and transforming the way we act, innovation enables us to adapt and move towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient society. 

The aim of this project is:

  1. To develop a strategy for a better career guidance of youth and increase the entrepreneurial potential of students by using the voluntarism.
  2. To use innovative practices in a digital era.
  3. To support individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences.
  4. To improve participants problem solving, leadership, communication, critical thinking skills and wellbeing.

Topics addressed on this project include:

  1. Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education.
  2. New innovative curriculum / educational methods / development of training courses.
  3. ICT – new technologies – digital competences

What's going on in this Project?

Target Group and Partners

The project addresses a target group of 150 students aged between 16 – 18 years old and 15 teachers. This project has partners from the following countries:

  • Colegiul National de Informatica Piatra Neamt (ROMANIA): Coordinator of the project; public school
  • Centro Studi Sibarys (ITALY): private association
  • I.E.S. Francisco Garcia Pavon (SPAIN): public body
  • OGEC Saint Vincent de Paul (FRANCE): public body
  • Sule Muzaffer Buyuk Mesleki ve Teknik Anaddu Lisesi (TURKEY): public body
  • Etelä-Karjalan koulutuskuntayhtymä (FINLAND): public body

Intellectual Output of the Project

“Student’s Future” Platform

  • Phase of Construction: LIBER PAGE html 5 in both static and dynamic (host the digit-materials, lessons, topics).
  • Phase Assembly: Page Liber in Liber Guidance Career Book: 7 liber books, one for each module.
  • Each Liber Guidance Career Book can be consulted in Off-line mode generating an e-book (e-pub format).
  • Each Liber Guidance Career Book has a free TEST for students, structured on the specific contents of the Liber Page.

E-kit in Career Guidance

  • Career management.
  • E-lesson and e-tool for increasing employability.
  • Voluntarism: sheet for identifying the profile of the volunteer, benefits, rules, examples of best practices, video interview with volunteers, representative of NGO’s and animations.
  • The model of solving problems of the communities through voluntarism
  • Leadership-concept, e-map of leader’s skills.
  • Section “My social project”- how you develop a social project, a canvas model of a social project.

Social Entrepreneurship e-syllabus

  • Introduction in social entrepreneurship.
  • Profile of social entrepreneurship.
  • The models of solving problems of the communities through social entrepreneurship in green economy and social cohesion.
  • Toolkit for developing a social business plan-canvas model.
  • Toolkit for developing a marketing strategy.
  • Digital exercises for certifying types of abilities in social entrepreneurship, personal qualities in the topic.

E-course of coach in social entrepreneurship

  • Module 1: Dimensions of the coaching concept.
  • Module 2: Contents of social entrepreneurship.
  • Module 3: Methods and techniques in coaching.
  • Module 4: Box of tools and methods of coaching.

So, if you are really motivated to work on this project at Extramus

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