Theatrix Project

Since ancient times, theatres have been one of the most promising media for portraying plays, ideas, and social issues. However, during the Covid-19 epidemic, the theatre has closed its doors to artists, performers, and audiences. On the other hand, this pandemic has provided an opportunity to continue performing unconventionally. Thus, EXTRAMUS devised the novel idea of building a website dedicated to theatre and giving an unmatched experience. The concept of launching a theatre website is a beautiful chance for young artists and a cost-effective watching experience for the public. The project’s primary aims are as follows:

  • To assist new artists in self-promotion, showcasing their talent, and earning a living from it.
  • To establish a network in which actors can enhance their professional abilities by creating and attending masterclasses and gaining the attention of production studios and theatres. The performers will have the opportunity to form a network of like-minded creators, thereby increasing their digital visibility.
  • To reintroduce theatre culture to a young audience and foster an inclusive, diverse environment.

What's going on in this Project?

Why Theatrix?

This project aims to increase the network among young artists, audiences, and experienced artists by offering them a multicultural platform. Theatrix offers the theatre community the problem they have had since the beginning of acting history, which is not having an equal chance between novice theatre players and experienced theatre players. The platform will enrich cultural diversity by allowing people to watch theatre worldwide, not just for standard plays, but also unknown artists will have a chance to show themselves to the world. The project will remove the barrier between the audience and artists. The audience will have a chance to show their reactions. Contrary to popular ideas, the platform is co-operating with live theatre, and the primary purpose is supporting theatre by creating a network of artists/actresses.

What's going on in this Project?

What can you do in this project?

To meet the project goals, the Business Project management, ICT, Digital marketing, and Business & data analysis teams must work collaboratively. You may undertake any position in these departments and contribute to the development of this project!

  • ICT: ICT team is accountable for the coding, design, and website content according to the specifications of the project. The role’s emphasis on user experience and function requires working knowledge of graphic design and computer programming. Once the online theatre platform is developed, the Web Developers will assist with the website’s maintenance and upkeep. The ICT team must have experience in planning and delivering online applications on the platform.
  • Digital Marketing: The first task in this department is marketing analysis and preparing the business model, validate the idea, and then create a market plan. This team will then focus on creating the internal brand, cross channel marketing strategy and customer service strategy. Creating social media platforms for promotion and content to share both on social media and the website and SEO/SEA is essential tasks in this team.
  • Project Management: Project management team will cover numerous facets of a project, such as breaking it down into smaller tasks and subtasks, allocating resources to tasks, assessing risks that could cause delays, communicating project status to clients and stakeholders, and so on to the project’s success. Planning and task management, budgeting and cost management, management of risks, coordination and collaboration within the team and creating project reports are among their numerous tasks.
  • Business Analysis: This team is responsible for competitor and market analysis, pricing strategy, website statistics and any other from of data analysis which is necessary for supporting data-driven decision making in other departments.

So, if you are really motivated to work on this project at Extramus

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