How to Develop your Presentation Skills


Public speaking can be very intimidating, particularly if you don’t have much experience with it. Irrespective of your occupation, you might be asked to make a presentation at your workplace at any time. In some organizations, giving them can be very regular.

So it helps to get used to them as quickly as possible. Here are some simple tips that will help you perfect your presentation skills.

Presentation Skills: Give a Great Team Presentation

  • Learn from Others. 

Watching and learning from others is a valuable way to acquire knowledge. Attending presentations from people with more experience will help you to develop your own presentation skills. It will provide insight into the areas you need to improve. You will learn a lot about reading the crowd and how to organize your presentation. 

  • Provide an Overview

It allows you to engage your audience when you have a summary of what you are discussing at the start of your presentation.

  • Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean cutting down on relevant data and cramming your presentation to just a few slides. The purpose is to arrange your work in a manner that your audience can easily comprehend. One approach is to use less text and more visual devices like charts/graphs, photographs, maps, and videos to make your work most insightful and comprehensive.

Another part of keeping things simple is understanding what to include and not, which is vital for an outstanding presentation. It means that the work is edited rigorously for details that are related to your main point.

  • Use Confident Body Language

Smiling displays confidence and excitement to the audience. Eye contact, hand motions, and a good posture also reflects this, and it is just what you need to capture your audience to pay attention to you.

  • Know Your Stuff

Awareness of the subject of the presentation is critical. Know the progress, order, and content of each slide to ensure that you avoid mistakes, and don’t appear unprepared.

Don’t read your slides.

Focusing more on the slides instead of the crowd is going to make you seem less competent. It’s necessary to face the audience while talking, which demonstrates confidence in your work.


If you want to deliver an excited presentation, rehearsing your presentation many times is essential. Practicing in front of someone else (a friend or a family member) prepares you for an audience, and they may provide helpful input for improvement as an observer.

Get started early. Practicing weeks ahead of your presentation will give you plenty of time to get acquainted with your work and make the necessary changes. You may also use a script or a cue card if you’re anxious about speaking, with a small number of texts that are big and easy to read. Practice having your attention more on your audience than your script.

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