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What is Human Resource Management Department about?

Let’s hear from our working Intern, *NAME*, who is working as social media manager, graphic & video editor.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resources team is responsible for everything that directly or indirectly affects the life of interns at Extramus. This includes from recruiting, selection, hiring to training, payroll and layoffs.

Extramus Human Resources Department offers various opportunities to trainees who want to build their careers in this field. You will gain a wealth of knowledge about the recruitment processes, one of the cornerstones of Human Resources, by taking part in the evaluation of the applications made to Extramus and conducting one-on-one interviews with the candidates. You will also gain experience in the use of various programs used in the organizing of application files. Activities such as preparing presentations and workshops, controlling the stationery in the office, and being responsible for the organization of the office in the absence of managers, provide great benefits to trainees in the development of managerial skills, which is one of the unwritten criteria of Human Resources.
Furthermore, Extramus Human Resources trainees will find themselves in activities that will enable them to be prepared for situations that will require them to act as intermediaries in their professional lives. Activities such as facilitating communication between the two parties, responding to requests and offering solutions to problems, and promoting cultural and linguistic exchange are just a few of them. In summary, Extramus Human Resources department offers its trainees opportunities for all the problems they may encounter while working in a real business environment.

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