My terrific and remarkable experience at Extramus

My name is Ohaja Chimaobi Leo, earlier in 2020 precisely July I started my first Erasmus experience with Extramus in Italy and it was a roller coaster of awesome and impactful experiences all through. I must say when I first got to Italy, it was a bit difficult to adapt because first of all there was the problem of language and then there was also a bit of change in their lifestyle even though I was coming from an European country where I was studying, the way and standard of living was different from that of my country of study. The good news is that Extramus did not make me feel so far away from home because I am African and residing within the shores of Europe was something very different from what I grew up with. The entire organization especially the CEO Mr. Antonio Gallo and the Head of Human resources Mr. Francesco helped me all through.

In my first internship at Extramus, I came in as a Human resource intern and this was because in my master’s degree program I saw it was important to have human management skills in order to be successful as an Occupational health and safety specialist. While I was working as a human resource intern I learnt a lot ranging from how to communicate and understand different people from different countries and background, how to use some computer software that facilitates recruiting and I also leant a whole lot about recruiting and handling different applicants profile taking into consideration that bias must be eliminated as much as practicable possible. Apart from the work while in the office, I also had the opportunity to take free Italian classes, and this greatly helped my especially with communications to Italian citizens around me. Extramus had a positive and healthy work environment that make learning very seamless and interesting. The workplace is also safe, conducive, and very innovative and these qualities have gone far in the minds of the employees such that once you begin to work at Extramus you naturally flow with the system with ease. 

Prior to my internship at Extramus, I have not seen Europeans that are so friendly and caring to other races especially Africans and this was evident even in the locals. In the apartment where I lived then, the landlord would always bring us fruits and snacks every weekend and she would also check on us once in a while to make sure we were okay, and this was also all thanks to Extramus because they made sure they sorted out very good accommodation for all interns with very loving and hospitable landlords. I also had opportunities to go on excursions and see other parts of Italy and this was also an initiative of Extramus. My internship eventually ended in 2021 and I went back to Cyprus where I studied.

Fast froward to 2022, I took a course on project management in 2021 after my first internship and I was interested in getting another practical experience in this field, so I thought of another Erasmus experience. At first Extramus came to mind which off course was very naturally for it to happen to me because I enjoyed my first Erasmus there but then I tried to find opportunities in other European countries. I got some opportunities but trust me none of those were as favorable as that of Extramus especially in terms on accommodation and logistics to getting to the company, I must say Extramus is doing a very good job. Imagine getting an internship in an organization and they just send you links to find apartments to live in a country you have never been to before with no further assistance and some time communication with some landlords was very difficult due to language differences. Some other companies would not even show concern with regards your visa application and how it was going but Extramus was different and they stood out in this regard because they would always send mails to check on your every process from the beginning of your application to the time you arrive in the organization, while you are working with them and also after your internship. The truth is that most of these companies always made me feel there were doing me a great favor allowing me to carryout an internship in their organizations although this was a fact but then Extramus never for one day made me feel this way they accepted me and brought me into the organization like I was part of the family even before they knew me.

There is this saying that goes “if it is meant to be let it go, it would definitely be regardless”. I eventually went back to my first love Extramus and once again they were there for me all through till I arrived at the Organization. Overall, I must say I am happy and grateful to be back here, and I look forward to a better experience with Extramus. Without any reservation I would recommend Extramus any time and any day to any young aspiring individuals who intend to get work experience and learn new things in a healthy and conducive environment.

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