Our CEO Antonio Gallo visiting Vilnius University!

February was a very exciting period in the life of Extramus. Our CEO Antonio Gallo visited Lithuania for an important meeting at Vilnius University. The purpose of the visit was to give an overview of our organization to professors, Erasmus coordinators and students.

He introduced them to our organization, talked about international mobility through Erasmus, the ideas we develop, the different projects and thesis proposals. He talked about the current vacancies at Extramus, the recruitment process and the expectation of the job interviews.

He explained the benefits of gaining experience abroad and the practical opportunities available at Extramus.

It’s important for us that more students and teachers across Europe get to know our organization, so that we can offer opportunities to those who want to develop, learn and gain experience. Our mission is to provide our trainees a multinational Erasmus Experience.

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Not only the students, but also Antonio had a fantastic time at the Vilnius University:

„I was warmly welcomed by the coordinators who supported me for the trip, for the organization of the seminars and above all they guided me in the exploration of Lithuanian culture. The university is located in a very charming historic building, a place that inspires culture and study: to be honest, I’d like to study there! I have pleasantly encountered a multicultural environment, not only Lithuanian students, but also Belarusian, Spanish, Congolese, Azeri and many others! The students were very interested and at the end of the seminar they asked me tons of questions. At the last meeting after the seminar, they kept me talking for another two hours! I must say that it was very satisfying for me to answer their questions, clarify their doubts and resolve their fears.” – said Antonio.

Antonio admit it: When he started preparing the seminar, he felt a little tension and stress, because it was the first time for him to speak to a “university” audience, even though he has been collaborating for years with professors, researchers and experts, but the idea talking “inside” the university made his a bit anxious! However, it didn’t last long, when he started talking it was all really exciting and extremely stimulating!

„I always ask myself, every day, if what I’m doing can be changed, improved or automated, and this attitude of mine always pushes me to go further, I’ve never loved competition to which I prefer cooperation. My motto is: “It is not necessary to be the best, it is important to offer a better version of ourselves every day.” I understand that in some ways it is stressful, but important results can only be achieved through constant and relentless commitment! This meeting was important because for me it was like a certification of the great and hard work done in this sector by the organization.

This was not the first time our CEO met with university representatives, as they visited our office in Terranova da Sibari a few months ago. They were welcomed by our trainees with presentations on various ongoing projects of Extramus. We were delighted with their visit and celebrated the occasion with a gift of a T-shirt with our logo. Moreover, to commemorate the occasion, our guests left their fingerprints on the Extramus tree. For our organization, the tree marks a special tradition: when a student’s training ends, they leave their fingerprint there, showing that they are an important part of our community forever.

Be part of the Erasmus adventure and submit your application today!

erasmus, extramus, travel, university
Antonio with the students
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