October 5, 2020

Our mission


Antonio Gallo has obtained a master’s degree in computer sciences and Telecommunications. He started his career in 2010 as a network designer, also worked in the sales and marketing of IT department for four years. In 2013 Antonio co-founded Futuro Digitale, Italy and served as a digital web manager for the European Projects. He also founded AlterEdu in 2017, it is a start-up company that provides online training.

Antonio Gallo established Extramus company in 2019 at Terronova da Sibari, Italy with a visionary slogan “Experience-Travel-Erasmus”. He is actively performing the role of CEO in the Extramus. His social and personal skills had a strong acceleration after the Erasmus experience, and he noted, this period as “Special Path of his Life” where he developed ability to adapt listen and understand the needs of people. Therefore, the Extramus has emerged with the mission to create an environment where students and young fresh graduates can apply their acquired academic knowledge to a real-life working environment.

Mr. Antonio Gallo (CEO of Extramus)

The Vision of Extramus to build international and professional mindset exploring Italian and global culture within the Erasmus context.

The aim of the Extramus is to:

  • Enrich all the trainees with learning culture and training so that can prepare them for a better tomorrow.
  • Creating a community of like minds in Europe through Extramus.
  • Enhance the lives of our trainees through learning experiences.
  • Ensure flexibility and power to create and share ideas and information which will develop their learning experience.

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