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Information Technology Department


Negombo is a booking system for a hotel business in a small island named Ischia, near Naples. This site is already in use and it requires maintaining and feature updates. 

Open positions: Negombo and Spiaggia open positions

Spiaggia San Montano

Similar and related to Negombo, Spiaggia is a booking system website for booking sunbeds at San Montano beach in Naples.

Open positions: Negombo and Spiaggia open positions


A digital theater platform that incorporates social media features. It allows people to network within the theater industry and share their performances to earn money.

Open positions: Sfaira open positions

HR platform

HR Platform is a comprehensive software solution designed for HR departments to manage their day-to-day operations. The platform allows HR staff to access scheduling information, track attendance, and manage candidate and intern documents all in one centralized location.

Open positions: HR project open positions


Game App

A mobile application with minigames that aim to raise cultural awareness: quiz about the world and arcade game where users discover famous monuments.

Open positions: Game app open positions

European Project Management Department

New Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Through Empowerment of Young People YOUTH EXCHANGE, Karaman, Türkiye - Apply now

Extramus association is looking for the participants for the Erasmus+ project “New Entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Through Empowerment of Young People” YOUTH EXCHANGE 


Applicant organization: Proutist Universal Malta

Implementing organization: Karaman Youth Club NGO

Participating countries: Türkiye, Malta, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, Spain, Moldova, Greece 

Number of participants: 52 

Data: 1-11st of March 2024

Place: Karaman, Türkiye

Extramus association is looking for 

  • 5 participants + 1 group leader

Economic conditions 

  • activities, meals and accommodation are fully funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme;
  • the participant must pay travel expenses in advance, to be reimbursed up to a maximum of €275.00
  • no participation fee 

Participants will receive a "Youthpass" certificate describing and validating the formal and informal experience gained during the project, that can be attached to their CV.

The project infopack can be found here.
LINK https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tOckvr2h-rPiNGIR9Rzqcb-xzbjFDl8A/view?usp=sharing

To participate, please fill in the participation form you will find on this page.
LINK WITH THE FORM (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebC2U-XQVTQwrCoTDjOJMSM9-3PuqwAwsXnb-8eIJOPWJedw/viewform


The entrepreneurial base is of great importance in the current labour market. This project aims to boost entrepreneurial skills through the empowerment of young people. Using informal education methods, young people can gain knowledge about the Canvas Business Model, national funding sources and digital skills needed in business. During the youth exchange participants will have the opportunity to engage in collaborative idea generation sessions pertaining to entrepreneurial ventures. Additionally, they will acquire essential skills in crafting well-structured curriculum vitae (CV) and motivation letters. The participants engaged in the youth exchange focused on entrepreneurship will partake in a visit to a corporate entity. This undertaking is designed to afford them first hand exposure to operational aspects of a company within the context of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Become Young Entrepreneur YOUTH EXCHANGE, Lutomiersk, Poland - Apply now

Become Young Entrepreneur YOUTH EXCHANGE 


Extramus association is looking for the participants for the Erasmus+ project “Become Young Entrepreneur” YOUTH EXCHANGE 


Applicant and implementing organization: Level up 

Participating countries: Hungary, Italy, Spain, Türkiye, Greece, Poland 

Number of participants: 32 

Data: 9-16 of April 2024

Place: Lutomiersk, Poland (next to Łódź)

Extramus association is looking for 

  • 4 participants 

Economic conditions 

  • activities, meals and accommodation are fully funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme; 
  • the participant must pay travel expenses in advance, to be reimbursed up to a maximum of €275.00 (travel plan needs to be accepted by the host organisation) 
  • no participation fee 
  • no reimbursement for covid test or insurance 

Participants will receive a "Youthpass" certificate describing and validating the formal and informal experience gained during the project, that can be attached to their CV.

The project infopack can be found here.
LINK (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qSXeglkFZTQVwCedgnvSJWI9SpMW-FqL/view?usp=sharing

To participate, please fill in the participation form you will find on this page.
LINK WITH THE FORM (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSebC2U-XQVTQwrCoTDjOJMSM9-3PuqwAwsXnb-8eIJOPWJedw/viewform



The current labour market hides many challenges for young people. Youth often lack entrepreneurial attitudes because the conditions to develop them have been lacking. Therefore, an entrepreneurial mindset is becoming a huge asset on the labour market, reducing int the same time unemployment. The aim of the youth exchange is to analyze the challenges of entrepreneurship, encourage youth to their own sustainable businesses, increase cultural awareness and improve communication skills in English.

Echoes of Youth

Erasmus + KA1 Youth Exchange

ECHOES OF YOUTH is a European project that aims to encourage entrepreneurial skills based on creativity and musical expression and to foster cultural integration between different countries. Through this project, participants are able to develop practical musical skills and transform a passion into a potential job. The project also promotes the Erasmus + program and its youth opportunities in the context of European contributions to the creativity of young people.

Project Identification Number : 2019-2-IT03-KA105-016603

Year: 2019

Let's be innovative and social!

Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership

The project aims to develop a strategy for a better career guidance of youth and increase the entrepreneurial potential of students using voluntarism.

Project objectives are:

1. Developing open educational tools for a better guidance of 150 students in career through experiential learning and voluntarism during the ongoing project.
2. Training for 15 teachers to become coach of students in the social entrepreneurship and using non-formal methods during one training courses in the second year of the project
3. Increasing the new soft abilities at youth to become more competitive on the labor market during the project implementation.
4. Development of strategy for developing social entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and competences for students of each partner school. This objective aims at 25% increase of
student interest in social entrepreneurship among the target group.

Different legal, financial and intercultural aspects in the culture of voluntarism and social entrepreneurship, with various expertise in these fields, the strategic partnership will give more
solutions with the common problems, more creative ideas and ways to improve youth career guidance, their civic attitude and entrepreneurial education in schools.

Different economic backgrounds and didactical approaches will bring various solutions, experiences in better career guidance and social entrepreneurship. Also, the partnership is a tool of shared European priorities, born in the Erasmus + logic, in order to establish cooperative ties to create knowledge, innovation and cultural integration.

Project Identification Number:2020-1-RO01-KA201-080331

Year: 2020



Erasmus + KA2 Cooperation partnership in youth

The e-VENTURE project seeks to promote entrepreneurship among young people with fewer opportunities in the EU, through the use of gamification and new Information and Communication Technologies. The project will develop educational tools and innovative digital methodologies, and will support Youth workers in accompanying young people with fewer opportunities in creating business ideas or social projects. It will also develop the competencies and skills of young people with fewer opportunities, and promote their autonomy, employability, and the exchange of good practices in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Project Identification Number: 2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000029140

Year: 2021

Becoming Entrepreneur

Erasmus + KA220- YOU

This project aims to introduce the concepts of entrepreneurship to students through a real business simulation. It will evaluate product or service ideas and teach students the main concepts of business plans and how to write one. It will also provide knowledge on how to access regional or European funding. The simulation will include the whole "supply chain" from idea creation to setting up the company and searching for funding. Finally, the project will cover organizational aspects of a company such as governance, company shares, the managing director and the board of directors. The project will involve collaboration with schools, NGOs and private corporations in order to share our guidelines. Mentoring of the students will also be provided through guidelines and e-learning platforms.

Project Identification Number : 2021-2- CY02-KA220- YOU- 000050637

Year: 2021

Gender Equality in digital competences

KA210-YOU - Small-scale partnerships in youth

The project aims to promote gender equality in digital competences by providing education, training and resources to empower women and provide them with better opportunities. It will monitor and analyze how gender inequality affects people from disadvantaged areas, and increase opportunities for women to enter the labor market with basic digital skills. It will also address digital transformation by developing digital readiness, resilience and capacity. Finally, the project will strive to influence the current digital ecosystem by increasing the presence of women.

Project Identification Number: KA210-YOU-5A453B0E

Year: 2022

Website: Genderproject  

Youth in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Erasmus + KA1 Youth Exchange

Youth in the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem-YEE (Girişimcilik Ekosisteminde Gençlik) is an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project that aims to create an entrepreneurial culture among young people. The project activities will focus on increasing the knowledge of youth on the topic of entrepreneurship, giving them motivation to start implementing their business ideas, and enabling them to discover their hidden potential. It will also encourage unemployed youth to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative and give them the confidence to become entrepreneurs. YEE will use simulation activities to create an experiential learning environment and ultimately empower young people to take the first steps into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Project Identification Number: 2022-1-TR01-KA152-YOU-000069700

Year: 2022

We are All One

WE ARE ALL ONE is an Erasmus+ KA152 Youth Exchange project aiming to foster a sense of solidarity among young people across different countries by creating a comprehensive sense of belonging and identity, shaping today and tomorrow. To do so, a series of workshops and cultural experiences will be offered to participants, with the aim of helping them to develop empathy, tolerance and respect for social, cultural, linguistic, religious, and gender differences. Furthermore, the project seeks to deconstruct the structured binary of European citizen-others identity by introducing the culture, heritage, landscapes, and nature of the participant countries in order to help citizens rediscover their roots and abolish the effects of colonialism.

Status: submitted 2023

Influence Of Social Media On Shaping The Diplomacy Of Young People

The EU KA154 Erasmus+ project is designed to empower young people to become better informed and engaged global citizens by exploring how they can use social media to engage in global diplomacy. The project activities include focus groups, surveys and interviews with young people and organizations, as well as developing guidelines and best practices for young people to leverage social media to foster diplomatic relations. The project also seeks to increase international understanding and collaboration by creating opportunities for young people to connect with other young people from different countries. The project's activities have a direct impact on the project's members, while other young people will benefit from the activities as part of the wider target group.

Type of Project: KA1

Status: submitted 2023


Mental Illness Awareness

This is an exchange project that will take place in Cosenza. It aims to educate the youth about mental illness in the context of the ongoing war in Ukraine. It will help participants from Ukraine and countries in the region to become aware of basic psychological concepts. It will also make participants more cautious about their mental health and the mental health of their close ones, by teaching them to pay attention to the signs of mental illness. In addition, participants of the project will be trained to use social media during the ongoing war in a way, that does not harm their mental health. There will be a lot of workshops, debates and interactive activities, as well as trips and cultural nights included in the project.

Type of Project: KA1

Status: submitted 2023

YOU Learn & Vote

The project Learn & Vote aims to encourage young people to vote and to learn more about European Parliament elections. The need identified for this project is to increase and compensate for the low participation of young people in elections. What young people are asking for is to be more informed about the programmes of the parties, how this election impacts them in their daily lives and to make voting more accessible. This is why we are keen to create a guidebook on all the topics mentioned above. The objectives are encouraging young people to vote, getting young people involved in European citizenship, showing the importance of a vote, learning more about the European Union, learning more about the different parties of the European Parliament and preparing young people to vote for the European elections in 2024. The target group of the project are young people in EU countries, from 16-25 years old. It is 16 and not 18 because some countries of the European Union have the right to vote at 16 and it is better if young people are informed before an election than when they have to vote. Five partners are part of the project USB (Greece), ADEL (Slovakia), ATIC (Romania), GOD (Bulgaria), and Jurmalas Kauguru vidusskola (Latvia). The activities done during this project are project management, the creation of a guidebook to inform young people about the vote, a seminar to bring together young people to talk about the project and content on social media.

Type of Project: KA1

Status: submitted 2023

Ecomedia Literacy

This is a Youth Exchange project that aims to teach young people who are interested in media studies media literacy about ecomedia products. Ecomedia refers to the media products that tackles environmental issues, ecology, climate crisis, etc. The contemporary media deals with these problems mostly in a wrong way, by setting agendas that are not correct and spreading anthropocentric ideas. With this project, the aim is to teach people how to interpret such media products, and how to produce ecomedia products that sets correct agendas, as well as to teach the ways to spread more awareness to those around them. The objectives of the project are:

-To educate media producers on how to create ecomedia in the correct way.

-To educate media producers on how to implement ecomedia in the product in an effective way.

-To promote the use of green media as an effective and contemporary means of raising awareness and fighting environmental issues.

-To assist young people who want to pursue a career in the media with the acquisition of new skills and experience.

-To increase the passion for green media among young producers. -To teach producers how to effectively communicate their message through their product.

-To educate participants from the general public on how to correctly interpret the messages of green media to which they are exposed.

-To promote the idea of raising public awareness about environmental issues through media products.

-To teach participants how to effectively and sustainably communicate the message they receive from green media products to those around them.

Type of Project: KA1

Status: submitted 2023

Representation Matters

Therefore, this project aims to promote a representation that conveys the principles indicated above among young media/content creators from varied backgrounds, as well as to teach them how to detect and distinguish between good and bad representations they encounter. It also aims to teach the importance, the methods, and the impact of correct representation and teach the ways of incorporating it into the participants’ content. Ultimately, by doing so, the project aims to secure the places of disadvantaged people and minorities in society that suffered & still suffer the consequences of incorrect representation and clear the myths and prejudice the media has spread about them. By the end of the project, the young people who participated in the project will have enough knowledge about those false stereotypes and misconceptions as well as enough knowledge of what the reality about those represented communities actually is. They will become more conscious individuals who will be able to share their knowledge with those around them, either through peer education or through their future work.


  • To discuss and highlight the often-overlooked importance of representation and the impact of media.
  • To promote representation that is done in a positive way, with the right ideology.
  • To enable participants to recognize different sorts of media representations when they come across them.
  • To enable the participants to distinguish between a false, hurtful representation and a correct, positive one.
  • Identifying and discussing common forms of media discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudice.
  • To teach participants the reality of the communities of people that have been misrepresented and ethnic and gender differences to help them get more conscious.
  • To educate participants on how to communicate their newly gained information with people around them in order to promote awareness about the subject.
  • Increasing the diversity in media products that we are exposed to without escape by educating participants who wish to pursue careers in media and content creation.
  • Helping creators coming from very diverse backgrounds to put their unique experiences in their works in the most appropriate way possible.
  • To discuss solutions towards clearing the misconceptions and prejudice the media has spread about marginalized communities.
  • To train enthusiastic and young media and content creators how to use proper representation in their works.
  • To teach less/non-marginalized participants how to use their privileged/advantaged position in the industry to promote and increase the quantity of diverse representation.

Type of Project: KA1

Status: submitted 2023


LADIES FIRST: Engaging Women in setting up their own business

This project is about helping women from all kinds of backgrounds get more involved in the workforce and be more active participants in the economy. Throughout the project, the women participants will be trained to acquire the necessary skills that will increase their chances of employment such as enterprenaurship, digital competences, IT skills, and more. That way, women who face social and economical difficulties will get a chance to be employed as well. The project will involve all kinds of backgrounds, such as housewives, women who had to quit working due to pregnancy, and more. It will also improve the trainer staff's skills in training women. Therefore, the project will benefit both parties, the participants and the trainers.

Type of Project: KA2

Status: submitted 2023

Women's emprovement against both natural and man-made disasters

The project is developed to address the issue of women's evacuation problems in disasters. The project will consist of Correct Behaviour in the Moment of Disaster Exercises and 1 Evacuation Exercise and 2 Search and Rescue Exercise will hold in Italy. After the exercise, an evacuation drill will hold with the participation of all institutions and the results of the activity were directly benefited by 16 participants of the partners and residents of 2 different countries in the first place. Each partner then expanded the activity in their own country with a multiplier effect, with the aim of training 3000 women members from Public Education Centers of 10 districts and their families and close circles. The families and close circles of the 16 participants will also able to benefit from the activity through the multiplier effect of the project through a TV channel chosen by each of the 4 partners from their own local media and a local newspaper.

Type of project: KA2

Status: submitted 2023

Integration of Refugees into Business Life

The KA220-YOU project seeks to facilitate the social and economic integration of refugees into business life in Turkey by providing them with the necessary vocational training, guidance, and support. The project will develop courses and training programs to help refugees learn digital skills, new job skills, and entrepreneurship, as well as provide language training courses. It will also educate employers on refugee and migrant professional counseling procedures and create an application guide based on real-world practice examples and recommendations. The project will ultimately provide refugees with the tools and resources to gain meaningful employment and live humanely.

Type of Project:KA2

Status: submitted 2023


STE(A)M Education

This project aims to engage educators in STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning activities by providing the theoretical background and hands-on activities to gain self-efficacy and a new view of their own capabilities as STE(A)M teachers. The project will include an online questionnaire to assess the current knowledge and attitude of the local community, workshops and round tables for teachers and other stakeholders, a platform to support teachers, students, and parents in learning more about STE(A)M Education with Robots, and an STE(A)M Education with Robots curriculum to be used in schools. The project will also help develop analytical skills, promote compliance and technology use, and introduce young people to another aspect of art. The results of the project will make a difference by integrating coding with traditional children's toys, raising awareness of technological systems and art, and educating kids and children on robotic coding.

Typeof project:KA2

Status: submitted 2023


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Other Projects

Extramus Campus

Extramus Campus aims to become the leading incubation and internship hub in Calabria. We want to build a student campus that is focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and rural development, as well as a safe space for diversity and growth.

Open positions: Extramus campus

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