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At Extramus, we want our interns to work on real projects that contribute to their future career path. You can find the projects which are already finished or ongoing on this page. Depending on your skills, you can join any of our teams and thus take part in one of these interesting projects. All projects are conducted in EXTRAMUS.

Theatrix, which is a theater virtualization startup project, aims to popularize theater amongst younger people through the online distribution of the plays. It offers an innovative solution to the theater sector and helps to revive their culture by reaching more audiences. This project is one of the most challenging projects that we have been working on since July 2021.

What are the current tasks and what you can do ?

The whole website and the contents are created by our interns. Here are the responsibilities of each team:

  • ICT: Creating the website of Online Theater Platform and its functionalities
  • Digital Marketing: Creating social media platforms for promotion and content to share both on social media and the website, marketing strategy, SEO/SEA
  • Project Management: Making plans and preparing the proposal for the platform, managing tasks for the successful completion of the project
  • Business Analysis: Competitor and market analysis, pricing strategy

This is an ongoing project carried out mainly by our in-house IT team. In collaboration with the human resources team, it was agreed that the creation of a web platform for recruitment would be an interesting tool for the facilitation of the recruitment process.

What are the current tasks and what you can do ?

This project mainly requires IT knowledge, the tasks carried out are:

  • Front end and Back end developement
  • UX Design

Business Tools Catalog is a collection of websites, apps, programs and useful software not only for companies but also for freelancers:

Digital Marketing Department created the editorial calendar and they also prepared images, texts, and hashtags for posts. Copywriters wrote articles about apps, programs, and software. Posts scheduling for social networks and remarketing were also the duties of digital marketing interns. 

The goal was with this project to create a tool to analyze the social media post publishing cost from an influencer. Our interns have already finished this project but if you are still interested in, here are what they did during that process:

  • ICT: Web developers created the website for this project and required functions to calculate the value of a post.
  • Digital Marketing: Copywriters wrote related articles about influencers and also influencer marketing. Social media managers created the editorial calendar for the project and they prepared images, texts, and hashtags for posts.

If you are interested in any of these projects, do not hesitate any longer!

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