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Discover below our current projects for each department!

Information Technology Department


HR Platform

HR Platform is a comprehensive software solution designed for HR departments to manage their day-to-day operations. The platform allows HR staff to access scheduling information, track attendance, and manage candidate and intern documents all in one centralized location.

Content creators' platform


A digital theater platform that incorporates social media features. It allows people to network within the theater industry and share their performances to earn money.



A mobile application with minigames that aim to raise cultural awareness: quiz about the world and arcade game where users discover famous monuments.

Project Management Department


E- venture

The e-VENTURE project seeks to promote entrepreneurship among young people with fewer opportunities in the EU, through the use of gamification and new Information and Communication Technologies. The project will develop educational tools and innovative digital methodologies, and will support Youth workers in accompanying young people with fewer opportunities in creating business ideas or social projects. It will also develop the competencies and skills of young people with fewer opportunities, and promote their autonomy, employability, and the exchange of good practices in the field of social entrepreneurship.


Echoes of Youth

ECHOES OF YOUTH is a European project that aims to encourage entrepreneurial skills based on creativity and musical expression and to foster cultural integration between different countries. Through this project, participants are able to develop practical musical skills and transform a passion into a potential job. The project also promotes the Erasmus + program and its youth opportunities in the context of European contributions to the creativity of young people.

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