November 3, 2020

Recruitment procedure

Before the interview

1. To book an interview please send us your CV afterwards write us on Whatsapp stating your name and the position you have applied for.
2. After a thorough check of your CV, if your Resume deem sufficient, we will send you a link via email for interview.

During the Interview

1. Kindly, prepare a formal introduction to introduce yourself.
2. Beside the formal questions, we will discuss about the duties, tasks, starting date, duration of the mobility program, and required documents.

After the interview

  1. After selection process, the decision will be sent by an email.
  2. A positive decision results to provision of an Acceptance Letter from the Company Extramus including Job description, tasks and responsibilities. We will also send you a welcome pack containing necessary information regarding the mobility program.
  3. Next step, is for you to contact with your coordinator (University) to prepare the learning agreement and send to us.
  4. We will return the learning agreement with duly signed and dated.
  5. When all the arrangement is done, please inform us your arrival date before buying air/bus ticket.

Welcome to Extramus!

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