Second Experience In EXTRAMUS

Extramus is not just an organization, it’s a place that students feel belong to!  Extramus intends to build a community and a sense of belonging at work; that is why many students continue working with Extramus remotely after ending their internship, or come back here to have another internship experience! Here are some stories of the students who came back to Extramus.

Quincy Lawan is a petroleum and gas engineer from Nigeria, studying Msc Occupational Safety and Health in Cyprus. He is currently partaking in his one year internship at Extramus where he works as a European project Manager. He was part of the implementation team of the Erasmus KA2 projects, Let’s Be Innovative and Social and Becoming an Entrepreneur. Currently, he is also an active member in the new project STEM Education with Robots. He finished his first internship in August 2021 and came back here for the second internship in February 2022. Let’s see why he came back to Extramus! 

“Extramus is not just an organization or a company, it is a home with good, kind and generous CEO (Mr. Antonio Gallo). I feel that 6months was not effort to learn all I need about the projects in my department. Although in my first 6months, I learned about conducting and participating in TPM(Translational Project Meeting), my communication and interpersonal skills was improved. Returning back to Extramus will give me the opportunity to execute the project I started, and how to finalize and close projects. Above all, I also want to explore the province and Italy in general, thereby try and learn Italian as it is a beautiful language, because in my first 6 months I was not able to learn due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Let’s hear from our other colleague, Reyhan Bozkurt, who came back here in order to extend her internship experience in Extramus. 
“I’m Reyhan, a data analyst at Extramus. Actually, when I first came here, I was aware that I wanted to extend my internship, but I did not know that my visa type would cause problem. So I returned to Turkey to change my visa type, and extended my internship from 2 months to 7 months. I loved  learning new things and programs here every day. My English is improving day by day and I have made new friends from different countries. In fact, I am learning to live and work with different cultures. 

Sometimes I get messages about my internship experience from new applicants. I always ask them: What do you expect from your internship? It is very important, if you want to learn and  improve yourself, you will be given the opportunity to do so here. You can really work like an employee, it doesn’t matter if you are a trainee. Because what you do is important here. As we get to know all of our colleagues over time, we become like family because this is a small place and we are together at every event. I really appreciate this opportunity.”

Let’s now move on to the history of our colleague: Ohaja Chimaobi Leo. In his first internship at Extramus, he came as a Human Resource which allowed him to learn a lot ranging from how to communicate and understand different people; how to use some computer software for the recruitment. His internship eventually ended in 2021 and he went back to Cyprus where he studied.

“Fast forward to 2022, I took a course on Project Management in 2021 and I was interested in getting another practical experience in this field, so I thought of another Erasmus experience. At first Extramus came to my mind because I enjoyed my first Erasmus there but then I tried to find opportunities in other European countries. But Extramus is the most favorable choice, in terms of accommodation, logistics, organization and communication. I eventually went back to my first love Extramus and once again they were there for me all through till I arrived at the Organization. Overall, I must say I am happy and grateful to be back here, and I look forward to a better experience with Extramus“

Here, we have another colleague to came back here for the second experience! “My name is Maryam and I am from Iran. I am graduated in Marketing and now I am doing my internship in the Digital Marketing Department of Extramus. During my internship, I have been assigned to do various tasks including Market Analysis, Social Media management, Content Creation, web design with WordPress, Email Marketing, etc. Through these tasks,  I was contributing to the digital marketing management of Theatrix Project as well as Extramus’ online presence.

I finished my 3-month internship in October and I decided to extend it, however because of residence permit problems, I could not manage to stay longer. So I went back to my country to apply for another visa and came back to Extramus for another internship, although it was a hard process that would not be possible without the support of Extramus. I came back to Extramus because I believed there was still more to learn there. Being assigned various tasks, working with many digital marketing tools in practice, contributing to challenging real projects, and getting feedback from the supervisor helped me a lot to improve my skills and knowledge in digital marketing. On the other hand, I loved working and living with friends from around the world, exploring south Italy, and different social and cultural activities here.”

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