Tense attention at another interesting workshop day!

We received a notification to all trainees that another workshop day is coming up! These are usually held in the office and everyone is looking forward to them. These days are always more special than the others. The trainees are always very happy about this, as it is a great opportunity to learn new things. The theme of this workshop day was the presentation of a project close to our hearts. Two of our coworkers gave us a detailed presentation on the Campus Incubator Project they have been working on for months.

presentation at the office

But what exactly is it?

Extramus Campus aims to young to build their business idea and internship hub in Calabria. We want a student campus that is focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and rural development, as well as a safe space for diversity and growth. Our objective is to create a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs and Erasmus students, where innovation, collaboration, and growth can flourish. We aspire to provide them with the requisite knowledge, skills, and resources to transform their ideas into thriving ventures that make a meaningful difference in society.

extramus campus project visual plan

Who is it for?

First of all foreign students who are aspiring entrepreneurs, pursuing or seeking to pursue higher education, and interested in participating in the Erasmus program. But also local students, entrepreneurs or other participants, who are searching for opportunity, development and a way to make their ideas become reality.

extramus campus project visual plan

Our colleagues told us about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the project.

Everyone was surprised when we saw the building’s visual plans. We just looked at the pictures with open mouths. We were even given an exciting virtual tour of the campus plans, so we could walk around the campus with a QR code and our phones.

The building area offers a wide range of exciting activities, from a swimming pool and gameroom to a concert area. This means that students will have plenty of opportunities for recreation and sport as well as study and work.

After the presentation everyone was motivated to get to work, that is the reason why we love these days so much. We not only work and learn together, but we inspire and motivate each other. We can’t wait to start construction and see the campus in its full glory.

Tense attention at the office


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