The 6 common interview questions and how to answer them correctly

There is no possible way to anticipate all questions which a recruiter may ask you during an interview but some of them may appear as expected and these answers can be prepared  in advance.  To convince the recruiter that you are the most suitable person for the position, you must justify your answers well. When you consider the questions below, you will be able to provide thoughtful and well-articulated answers that will make a good impression and significantly increase your chances for success.

1st question Can you tell us something about yourself?

A common initial question that aims to find out how the candidate is able to answer such a broad topic.

How to answer?

  • The answer will reveal your ability to speak to the point. Start with the present – who you are, what are you looking for and what type of work you prefer. You should mention your previous work experience and job-related qualities. If you are a junior candidate, such as a university graduate who doesn’t have any work experience related to applying for a job, it is convenient to mention the field you studied, the projects you participated in, various internships etc.

What answers are better to avoid?

  • There is usually no need to talk about personal hobbies, childhood, family organization or school attendance. Only if it somehow relates to the position you are applying for.


2nd question – What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The recruiter asks this question to find out your overview and how you evaluate yourself.

How to answer?

  • Name three to five qualities, one of which represents your weakness”. If there is an insignificant part of the job you are applying for where you have a lack of knowledge, but you probably get that knowledge quickly, use it. Another way to say something related to your weakness is something which is not so serious and you have been trying to overcome For example: I sometimes have problems speaking in front of an audience. However, I have been trying to overcome it.

Which answers are better to avoid?

“I do not know”

I do not have any weakness”

It shows that you do not know yourself at all or you have something to hide. Do not also mention weakness which is not relevant to any kind of job (Laziness, tendency to postpone everything, conflicting nature).


3rd question – What do you know about our company? / Why have you applied for this position?

The recruiter appreciates if you know more about the company. They need to separate the applicants who are looking for any kind of job at any company. These people probably won‘t be loyal.

How to answer?

  • First, you should visit the website of the company where you are supposed to have an interview. Study more about its history, owners, important customers, products and services. At the interview it is convenient to say what you personally like about the company the most and how the position you have applied may help you for your self – development.

Which answers are better to avoid?

“I don‘t know, I just need to get a job„

“I saw an advertisement that you are looking for XXX so I have just tried to apply„


4th question – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The recruiter is trying to find out whether you have healthy ambitions, or the work is for you just an activity how to buy food and to pay rent.

How to answer?

  • Connect the answer to your future with the company where you are applying for a job.

Which answers are better to avoid?

“I will become a rock star„

    • Be careful! It needs to relate to the job you have applied for.

“I don ‘t know, it is really far in the future„

“I will see what the future brings„

That shows your passive attitude to work.


5 th question – What salary do you expect?

It is necessary to prepare an accurate analysis of your value, average income in the field and demands placed on a particular job.

How to answer?

  • It is recommended to try to say a little bit higher rather than a lower one. If the immediate reaction is that it is too much, try to return it to the question, “And what is your idea?”.

6 th question – Do you have any questions?

Yes, you have! The mistake made by more than a half of the candidates is the negative answer to this question. “No thank you. I think we have said it all. I don’t know, I can’t think of anything.” This is not the way how any interview should finish.

How to answer?

  • Prepare at least one question that you want to ask. For example:

“How many colleagues are in the team in this position?„

“Who did work in this position before and why doesn’t he or she work in that position anymore?„


Do not forget, there is not only one correct answer. Be yourself and don‘t lie! When you are invited to an interview, you are just a step away from your dream job. Do not underestimate the preparation, smile and greet other colleagues when you enter the room. Who knows, you might work with them in the same office next month.

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