Top sights and things to do in Milan

It’s no secret that we love Milano! As we know, Milan is the capital of fashion and welcomes many tourists from various countries. Milan has many places that should be seen like the Duomo Cathedral, and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper painting.

People don’t visit Milan for sightseeing compared to other Italian cities. Milan has a unique charm caused by its modern architecture and complemented by its unmatched fashion scale. Sometimes one feels like walking a fashion runway or visiting the past. In my opinion, it is fabulous to have an overlap of two distinct atmospheres in one place. If you come to Italy, I recommend staying in Milan for at least two days. Now let’s see what one can do in Milan according to my experience.


Duomo Cathedral is the fourth biggest cathedral in the world also known as the Milan Cathedral. Its construction began in 1386 and took almost 500 years. It is located in the Piazza Del Duomo square, which is the centre of the city. There is a separate entrance fee for each part of the Cathedral. Cathedral consists of a church, terrace, archaeology museum, and baptismal sections. At the top of the Duomo Cathedral are placed more than 3,500 statues including the solid gold Madonnina statue. It is the statue, which has become a desire of many stealers. They tried to steal the statue using helicopters, over and over again. Fortunately, no one has been successful so far.

 Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20122

Transportation: Take M1 metro line and get off at the Duomo station


Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II. is named after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. The Gallery, which is considered one of the oldest shopping centers in the world, fascinates its visitors with its ostentatious structure, architecture, stylish restaurants, and luxury shops. It is located next to Duomo Cathedral in Duomo Square. On the floor of the Gallery, one can find mosaics symbolizing science, art, agriculture, and four coats of arms representing the three capitals of the Italian Kingdom. The Turin coat of arms pictures a bull, and it is believed to bring you luck when you step on the bull’s genitals with the heel of one foot and turn around 3 times.

 Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20123 

Transportation: Take the M1 metro line and get off at the Duomo station 

Entrance fee: Free


Teatro alla Scala is known as an opera and theatre museum. The building is dated to the 18th century and one can find it next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Teatro alla Scala proudly hosts the largest stage in Italy and an exhibition of the history of opera. Moreover, it is important to note that working here as a leading conductor, musician, or soloist is one of the greatest honor.

Address:  Via Filodrammatici, 2, 20121

Transportation: Take the M1 metro line and get off at the Duomo or Cordusio station


Castello Sforzesco (Sforza Castle) was built by Francesco from the family of Sforzesco. It is the family that reigned during the early Renaissance period. The castle houses different types of museums, which exhibit various art collections and artifacts. One can find the Museum of Ancient Arts, the Musical Instruments Museum, and the Picture Gallery in the castle. A very interesting thing to pay attention to is Michelangelo’s last work. It is an unfinished marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary mourning over Christ, named ‘Rondanini Pieta’. What’s more Sforza castle glories in the breathtaking ceiling covered by Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings.

Address: Piazza Castello, 20121 

Transportation: You can reach the castle from the Cairoli metro exit on the red line.


The building is included in the UNESCOWorld Heritage list and was built in 1947. In fact, although displaying many interestingartifacts the building itself remains the main center of attention thanks to itsarchitectural beauty. Anothersignificant reason for an uncountable number of tourists coming to see this placeis the kitchen that exhibits Leonardo da Vinci’s LastSupper. Thus the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie enjoys popularity all yearlong.

Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Delle Grazie,20123

Transportation: Take the M1 and M2 metro lines and get off at the Cadorna stop


Pizzeria Assaje is non-touristy and a while away from the city center. Its menu offers many differenttypes of pizza and although some of them could be considered expensive, it is becausethey are only to be found in Milan. Other than pizza you can have variouskinds of pastries here, too. What’s more, you can taste them all for free,because, as you can tell, this shop enjoys offering a lot. Notice that thereis a reservation system here. So, before you come, make sure you make areservation first

Address:Via Raffaello Sanzio, 14, 20149 MilanMI


 Luini, which offers pastries, is near Duomo Cathedral.You can reach it in a 5 min walk. Besides all kinds of salty and sweet pastries,Luini is especially famous for “Panzerotti”, which is known as thereal Italian bagel. You can enjoy fried Panzerotti as a snack at any timeof the day

Address: Via Santa Radegonda, 16,20121 Milan


Gelataria LaRomana Dal 1947 is a famous place with more than 15 sorts of ice cream flavours.Apart from the classic ones, their specialty is an ice cream called”Crema dal 1947“ and it is one of the most wanted there. In thiscase, the popularity of this place doesn’t affect the prices that much and they canbe still considered reasonable.

Address: Viale Col di Lana, 2, 20136Milan

When you come to Milan, you can see fabulous structures besides the shops. In Milan, the present and the past are intertwined. This atmosphere of Milan impressed me a lot. Also if you come to Milan, don’t forget to eat Milanese risotto. It is fairly famous in Milan.

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