Public transport in and around Terranova

Do you wonder how to travel while staying in Terranova? People have told you that there’s only one bus to Cosenza and no other possibilities? Check out this article, to find out more interesting facts about public transportation in Terranova and its neighbourhood!
Here are collected not only bus schedules but also instructions, on how to find them on official websites, so that you can always check up-to-date schedules by yourself. 

1. Terranova da Sibari ←→ Cosenza 

  • Click on “Infomobilità e fermate” (You don’t need to create an account).
  • In “Scegli la tua fermata” choose your start point: “Terranova/Monumento” or “Cosenza/Autostazione”.
  • In “Scegli una destinazione” choose your destination point: “Cosenza/Autostazione” or “Terranova/Monumento R”.
  • You’ll receive this: 

It means that there’s direct bus from Terranova to Cosenza at 6:25 (usually it goes closer to 7:00) which arrives to Cosenza at 7:31 and other bus, at 14:15, when you have to change in Tarsia/Ferramonti at 14:40 to reach Cosenza at 15:16.

  • For coming back, it will show you this:

So, there’s one direct bus from Cosenza to Terranova at 12:10, and later there are 3 buses when you have to change (“Cambio”) in Tarsia/Ferramonti at 14:15, 17:30 (only in August) and 17:45.

  • Ticket price: one way 4€, go and return: 6€

Additional info: It’s important to click on “Mostra” button after searching the route – then the new window will open with all additional information about this course, for example on which days or months it is available (without Sunday, only August, etc.). You’ll see also every other stop and direction of the bus (e.g. only bus at 12:10 goes directly from Cosenza to Terranova, next busses are on the route from Catanzaro to Rossano, so there’s a probability that they can be late in Cosenza).

2. Travel destinations from Cosenza

When you’ll finally reach Cosenza, there are a lot of other options for travelling, but you have to be aware that not all of them are close to the bus station (Autostazione), which is the last stop of IAS bus.
From bus station you can go by:

The train station in Cosenza is around 30 minutes (2.6 km) by walk from the bus station, you can also get out from IAS bus at the previous stops (remember to ask a bus driver for stopping!):

  • Metropolis – 30 minutes (2.5 km) by walk
  • Cosenza/IP – 20 minutes (1.5 km) by walk
  • Biocontrol – 25 minutes (1.9 km) by walk

There’s a possibility to reach the train station by public communication. To check timetables of city transportation, it’s useful to have installed (there’s also a normal website version):

From the train station you can easily reach top travel destinations as Tropea, Pizzo, Reggio Calabria, Diamante, many other cities on Tyrrhenian Sea coast (the route is amazing, you travel few metres from the coast, so you see sea all the time), Lamezia Terme, where’s the nearest Airport as well as further cities like Napoli, Rome etc. (but usually for longer trips, buses like Flixbus, Itabus are cheaper option).

3. Terranova da Sibari ←→ Corigliano

  • Bus stop location: 39.65787, 16.34013 (in front of the office)

  • Link to website and bus schedule:
    IAS Autolinee:
    To find out the bus schedule you have to follow the same steps as described in Terranova – Cosenza guide, here you can find screenshots (date 24/08/2022):

There’s only 1 bus from Terranova to Corigliano at 7:10 in the morning, and 1 bus from Corigliano to Terranova in the afternoon: on Tuesday, Thursday and Sutarday at 13:10, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:10.

  • Ticket price: 2,40€
  • Additional info: This bus is not available during summer holidays – the last route is on 10 June, and later it goes again on 10 September (it’s not available also during Easter holidays).
  • You can reach Corigliano, which is only 4-5 km from the sea (Schiavonea), there’s also a train line by which you can get to other cities on Ionian Sea coast (for example to Sibari, from where you can change to other trains or buses).

One of the important bus stops on this route is Cantinella, where you can change to long-distance buses like Flixbus, Itabus, to reach e.g. Bari, Naples or Rome.
There are also other ways to reach Corigliano and Cantinella, for example taking a bus from Terranova to Tarsia/Ferramonti at 14:15 and then change to bus Catanzaro-Rossano at 14.50, which is stopping in Cantinella as well as in Corigliano – all bus schedules you can find on IAS autolinee website.

4. Terranova da Sibari ←→ Castrovillari

Another travel destination is Castrovillari, a city near mountains from where you can go on mountain hike, or by using public communication reach other worth visiting cities such as Civita or Morano Calabro. 

  • Bus stop location: 39.65787, 16.34013 (in front of the office)

  • Link to website and bus schedule: 

Ferrovie della Calabria:

This bus route is operated by another company, Ferrovie della Calabria (so-called blue bus, due to the colour of the bus). On this website, you can find Excel files with various bus schedules but above all, we are interested in the line “116 Terranova da Sibari – Castrovillari”.

Here is a screenshot (date: 24/08/2022), but remember to check the website to see if it’s still valid!
(Italians say that the return bus is at 13:10, 14:00 and 18:45, so be aware that even if you check the schedule on the official website the real departure time could be different.)

As you can see from the legend, this bus goes on “Periodo” – “Period”:

  1. Weekdays – every working day (Monday – Saturday) during the year.
  2. School – from 14/09 to 21/12, 07/01 to 02/04, 29/03 to 11/06 (so all year without Christmas, Easter and Summer Holidays).
  • Additional info: by this bus, you can also reach Spezzano Albanese and Spezzano Albanese Terme, where’s the bus stop for long-distance buses (Flixbus, InterSaj).

Instead of downloading Excel file, you can also use this link: to find available bus solutions.

5. Long-distance journey

Above you could find descriptions of bus connections from Terranova to the nearest cities, but when you want to travel further afield, for example, to reach the airport in Lamezia Terme, Naples, Rome or Bari you need to go to a bus or train station with more travel options.
Below, you can find a summary of the nearest interchange points and useful links for optimizing your travel experience.

  • Cantinella (Bivio Cantinella) – the closest bus stop to Terranova (only 20 minutes, 15 km by car). There stops bus companies like Flixbus, Itabus, IAS Autolinee.
  • Sibari – a little bit further than Cantinella (25 min, 20 km by car), you can take buses or trains from there.
  • Corigliano – further than Sibari (30 min, 23 km by car), you can take buses or trains from there.
  • Spezzano Terme – close to Terranova (17 min, 11 km by car), but there are fewer buses stopping, you can go with Flixbus Company or InterSaj.
  • Cosenza – around 1h by bus from Terranova, there you can change to many different bus companies as well as trains.

Here: you can find a map with spotted bus stops, which were described in this article.

Make sure that when you’re buying tickets, you’re doing it on official websites, to avoid being cheated:

While travelling through Italy, it’s helpful to know about pages, which can help you with searching for the best travel solutions:

  • – perfect for long-distance journeys, especially when you need to decide between going by train or by bus.
  • – useful for public transport, mainly in big cities like Naples or Rome.
  • – a car-sharing platform which enables you to find other people who are going in the same direction by car, it’s useful particularly when you want to go somewhere on Sunday and there are no buses available. Unfortunately, it’s not so common in Italy, but it is always an extra chance to find transport. 

If, after reading all the information contained here, you still haven’t found a solution to your travel needs, remember that you always have 3 more options:

  • walk on your feet,
  • ask a friend for a lift,
  • hitch-hike. 😀
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