IT Internship and Erasmus Experience in Abroad

Hi everybody, You will read my Erasmus adventure, Hopefully it’ll helps.
Extramus is my first Erasmus+ experience and actually, it is my first time going out of my country. I came here in 2022 September. I was so excited about getting to know people and see around. There were a lot of cities that I was dreaming about seeing. I’ve met wonderful people since the beginning I can’t even count how many of them. I saw many cities that I was dreaming about.  
I can easily say that Extramus is a life changer experience for me. Everything started only for 3 months student internship but then I got a job offer. I’m so glad that I’m still part of this family.
    I’ve met with one of my best friends here. We came at the same time and we were always together. We traveled and worked together. Literally, we did everything together. For some people would say 3 months is nothing but I’ve traveled to almost all of the cities that I want to see before with my friend and we shared a lot of adventures together.

I’ve gained a lot of experience in my field and I improved myself very well. I’m way too confident on the first day. I remember my first day trying to figure out what is going on with the project, and trying to learn new things. Now I’m responsible for this project and there are a lot of new IT interns coming. They are asking many questions, especially at the beginning.


After the experience that I’ve gained here, they don’t even have to tell me what is exactly wrong or what should they ask. Because I already know the part they didn’t get it fully or what is the problem. Sometimes they are literally struggling with one error for hours and hours and actually, I know the solution is very simple because I’ve struggled just like them with similar errors. But I’ve learned from struggling so that’s why sometimes even if I see the problem and where is coming from, I’m just letting them struggle. Because after that they are learning a lot of details about the project.

I’ve spent 10 months here and I appreciate every single day. Many people can say that; “ Terranova is really small, there is nothing that you can do” or many complaints. I’ve learned that, it doesn’t matter wherever you are because the place is not important, the important is you, and having enjoyment is up to you. 

I’ve thrown many parties and the first one was my second weekend. I’m always telling these people, because if you are not happy or you get bored so don’t expect something from someone else just do it yourself. I’ve met almost everyone at this party and I never remember I got bored after that party.


Extramus has a lot of benefits and opportunities. You can do your summer internship in marketing, IT, project management, english teaching, You just need to open your eyes and take it!

Written by Eren Kahraman

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