I think it’s impossible not to come to Venice and be enchanted, walking along the canals and bridges, walking through the small, narrow streets of Venice, watching the gondolas, it’s impossible not to feel like you’re in a fairy tale. Truly this city is one of the most special and beautiful cities in the world!

In addition to being a cultural capital for hundreds of years, Venice is also one of the most important sources of trade and finance in history. The doors of the residents of this city open to the canals, so much so that most of the residents of the houses have gondolas that allow them to get there in this way.

Venice is a city built on 416 bridges and 118 islets. Then let’s talk about a few of the places that you should see in Venice and that we have visited!

The first of these is St. Mark’s square, which is this square, is dedicated to St. Mark, the patron saint of the city; there is also a cathedral dedicated to St. Mark on this square. The statues on the top of the cathedral were secretly brought from Istanbul during the Crusades.

St. Mark’s Tower, located on the square of the same name, directly opposite the cathedral, this tower was built in 1912. Although its red bricks look beautiful, it has simple architecture, except for the arched balcony on the hill. To reach this square, you cross the Rialto Bridge.

As in many buildings in Venice, arched bridges attract attention here. It connects the two sides of the Grand Canal, which is the widest canal in Venice and almost divides the city into two parts. There are beautiful restaurants on both sides of the Rialto bridge, so beautiful and lively that you get caught up in this beautiful ambience.

We sat and ate in one of these restaurants. It’s wonderful to watch the scenery and the gondolas while eating! Sometimes I haven’t thought about whether this moment is real or not!

When we think of Venice, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous gondolas!
Of course, I’m guessing that you want to get on the gondola when you visit Venice. Obviously,
we didn’t ride it. As a price, it was not very suitable for our student budget.

But of course, if it fits your budget, don’t forget to get on. These gondolas have a romantic ambience of Venice. As far as I’m concerned, watching these beautiful gondolas is very peaceful.

Obviously, our time was not enough to visit several places, so we preferred to walk around the streets of Venice, watching the canals and gondolas and eating next to the Rialto Bridge. This is about what we experienced on this trip. Of course, there are many places to visit and see in Venice, our time was enough for that. You can take your time and create your own exploration route in magical Venice!

Author: Hazal

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