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About Us

Extramus is an Italian non-profit organization for international mobility, specialized in providing Erasmus + traineeship programs for higher education students. Since the very beginning, we are located in Terranova Da Sibari, in the north of Calabria in Italy.

Extramus was founded in 2019 on the foundation of the slogan “Experience-Travel-Erasmus”. The vision of this project is to promote students’ skills through Erasmus internship in order to build an international and professional mindset.

The main goals of Extramus is to:

  • Provide relevant experience for the future introduction of our interns to the labor market
  • Create a community of like-minded people in Europe through Extramus
  • Provide a unique and innovative Erasmus experience through learning experiences
  • Create the perfect conditions for the personal and intellectual development of our interns

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EXTRAMUS provides internships in various fields like Digital Marketing, European Project Management, Business & Analysis, Human Resources, and IT. Through these programs, students can improve their soft and technical skills which are essential for their future career life. All of these teams are always welcoming to new students with new vision and creativity that promote our company in the long term. Along with challenging business projects, we also offer different social and cultural experiences, excursions, language courses, completion certificates, and recommendation letters.

EXTRAMUS is located in a safe, small town where students can easily afford low life costs. We also help students for their relocation to Italy and help in finding accommodation. Please note that we do not charge any direct fees from students for our services.

EXTRAMUS is based on three core values: Diversity, Inclusion and Equality!

Our Team

Our team in Extramus is organized into 5 departments according to the work carried out:

  • ICT: The goal of this team is to implement all the techniques related to IT, whether for Extramus ourselves or for our clients’ projects. The members of this team are specialized in coding / web development.
  • Marketing: This team specializes in marketing ranging from classic strategic marketing to digital marketing. The tasks carried out by the members of this team range from the creation of content (web article, social media posts) to the implementation of a marketing plan.
  • Business & Analysis: The Business Analysis team is responsible for analyzing the problems of customers as well as their needs in order to think about solutions regardless of the origin of these problems (logistics, economic or marketing).
  • Human Resources: The Human Resources team is responsible for everything that directly or indirectly affects the life of interns at Extramus. This includes from recruiting, selection, hiring to training, payroll and layoffs.
  • Project Management: This team is responsible for the safe conduct of the different projects within Extramus. The tasks carried out by the members of this team range from organizing the different tasks between the different departments to the realisation of different reports.

If you already know what you want to do at Extramus

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